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What is a Primary Care Provider?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I was discharged from the emergency room and was told to follow up with my PCP.

A primary care provider (PCP) is a health care practitioner that provides care to patients with common medical problems. When many people refer to their PCP, they refer to their family doctor. A PCP can be a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Your PCP is often a provider that is involved in your care for long periods of time. They treat acute illnesses like the common cold and flu as well as manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, and many others.

Primary care providers practice in several different specialities such as:

  • Family Medicine - treats patients of all ages

  • Internal Medicine - treats adult patients

  • Pedicatrics - treats children

Our role as your PCP is to:

  • Provide preventative medicine services such as annual physicals, GYN exams, and counseling on healthy lifestyle practices

  • Identify and treat both acute illness and chronic diseases

  • Arrange referrals to specialists when necessary

If you are in need of a primary care provider, call HealthFirst Primary and Urgent Care today and make an appointment!

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